Armley Mills , Leeds


Saturday 25th November


9pm till 2am


£40 per Ticket

The earliest record of Armley Mills dates from the middle of the sixteenth century when local clothier Richard Booth leased 'Armley Millnes' from Henry Saville.


Ownership changed several times up to 1907 when the company Bentley and Tempest took over the entire site and this continued up to 1969, when production ceased and Leeds City Council bought the building in recognition of its historic importance.


Working conditions in the mills were unregulated and frequently appalling, children were particularly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, working long hours in terrible conditions. In one notorious case in 1832 a child died in a Leeds mill when he was not allowed to stop work to go to the toilet.


Staff have reported dark shadows crossing their path, the feeling of hands brushing over their hair and faces and the sounds of children crying or shouting have been heard by staff and visitors. The presence of a large and angry man has also been  sensed by visiting mediums.

St Catherines Hospital , Doncaster


Saturday 11th November


9pm till 2am


£40 per ticket


The original hospital was founded in 1845 as the St Catherine's Institution. In 1959 it changed its name to St Catherine's Hospital. The hospital was in the care of the local authority until 1948. The hospital consisted of two children's wards, where infectious diseases such as diphtheria and polio were treated, a psychiatric unit, female chest unit and sanatorium, and male sanatorium, which was located slightly away from the other wards. The original kitchen is still in use, as is the nurses' building. In the earliest days as an isolation, or 'fever', hospital, the porters had to post a daily information bulletin on the perimeter fence to give details of patients' conditions and of any deaths.


Doncaster went on to use St Catheirne's Hospital over 100 years and in that time saw many deaths at the old building.

The staff informed us there are parts of this building that some staff refuse to enter alone in the day, never mind at night! With so much history to this building Spookseekers are thrilled to be given such an opportunity to investigate this beautiful building. Dare you join us?

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The Leeds Library , Commercial Street


Saturday 27th January 2018


9pm till 1am


£45 per ticket


Strictly Limited Tickets Available for this Event !!

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*Over 18’s only


*Full use of ghost hunting equipment and light refreshments available throughout the night


The oldest serving private library in the UK, The Leeds Library (not to be confused with Leeds Central Library) opened up in 1768 and still offers a unique service to its members to this day.


It is said to provide shelter for one of its former employees from many years ago. It’s widely thought that in 1884, Chief Librarian John McAllister was working late into the evening when he encountered a “pallid and hairless” figure in one of the corridors. He later learned that the ghost he witnessed looked just like his predecessor Thomas Sternberg – maybe he just has a pile of work to get through still?


This was not the end of the haunting of the Leeds Library  ghost encounters continue, it seems, to linger among the old books. Librarians working at the library after dark report extinguished lamps being mysteriously re-lit in Sternberg’s old office.

*Over 18’s only


*Full use of ghost hunting equipment and light refreshments available throughout the night


Leeds City Museum


Saturday 3rd February 2018


9pm - 2am


£29 per Ticket


Join Spookseekers for a night of pure ghost hunting at this amazing location in the heart of Leeds with 4 floors of Terror.


This magnificent building is steeped in history and there are many  spooky tales to be told. Staff and visitors to the building have reported hearing footsteps when the building is empty with doors opening and closing. A figure has been seen on the balcony of the Albert Hall and strange light anomalies have been observed by the naked eye.

*Over 18’s only


*Full use of ghost hunting equipment and light refreshments available throughout the night