Halloween at The Black Swan Inn , York


Saturday 3rd November


9pm till 3am


£40 Per Ticket with Buffet Included

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Join us this Halloween at the Black Swan In York . we have use of the whole building including the hotel bedrooms for the whole evening with free buffet is included.


The pub, like many in York, is as interesting below ground as it is above. It dates back to the 15th century, when it was a private house, with alterations and additions been made in the following two centuries. Prior to the present building, a medieval inn had stood on the site and remains may well still be beneath the pub.

It was built for William Bowes, a merchant and Sheriff of York in 1417, who also became Lord Mayor in 1428.


Various ghostly sightings have occurred...............


There is a ghost of the gentleman in a bowler hat who appears to be impatiently waiting for someone at the bar - eventually his apparition slowly fades away.


Another ghost can be seen sitting staring into the fire in the bar. It is the ghost of a particularly beautiful young woman thought to be a jilted bride. It is said that should a man stare into her face he will die in ecstasy.


There are several other ghosts who appear regularly. A small boy, known affectionately to the staff as Matthew, is frequently seen in the bar and passageway. He is dressed in Victorian style clothes and is reportedly a pickpocket, which might explain the disappearance of various items kept behind the bar.


A rumoured highwayman, who we know as Jack, appears regularly in the kitchen, dressed in riding boots and a long black cloak. Interestingly, the kitchen was built over the original stable yard. He can also be heard singing along to Irish folk songs in the corner of the bar late at night.


A less frequent ghostly visitor is a large black cat wandering around the pub. This ghost causes confusion among staff and frequent customers alike as it bears a strong resemblance to Salem, the pubs resident feline.

The chair by the fire is reputedly cursed and it is said that should anyone sit in it a curse will fall upon them. We recommend standing.


There have been regular sightings of a pair of legs disappearing up the stairs leading to the landlord’s flat. We believe the landlord may have to be legless himself to dare to sleep there!

*Over 18’s only


*Full use of ghost hunting equipment and light refreshments available throughout the night


The Abandoned Park Hotel , Morecambe


Saturday 1st December


9pm till 2am


£25 per Ticket 


Dare to investigate one of Morecambe’s oldest buildings? It won’t be a “walk in the park!”


Join Spookseekers as we explore and investigate this now eerily empty and abandoned Victorian hotel in the old seaside town of Morecambe.


This former glory, the Park Hotel, has been closed for years with many of the original furnishings, including bedding, just simply left behind! From old reception rooms and bars, to stairs that lead to nowhere,  countless bedrooms in various states of repair, back to bare walls on the upper servants landing, an old library, cellars with servants kitchen and a stunning Observatory that shows the marks of where it was struck by lightening!


All this AND the fact that many locals strongly believe this hotel, built in 1900, is one of the most haunted places in this seaside ghost town, this is a perfect place to spend a Spooky evening!


*Over 18’s only


*Full use of ghost hunting equipment and light refreshments available throughout the night



Armley Mills , Leeds


Saturday 24th November


9pm till 2am


£40 per Ticket


The earliest record of Armley Mills dates from the middle of the sixteenth century when local clothier Richard Booth leased 'Armley Millnes' from Henry Saville.


Ownership changed several times up to 1907 when the company Bentley and Tempest took over the entire site and this continued up to 1969, when production ceased and Leeds City Council bought the building in recognition of its historic importance.


Working conditions in the mills were unregulated and frequently appalling, children were particularly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, working long hours in terrible conditions. In one notorious case in 1832 a child died in a Leeds mill when he was not allowed to stop work to go to the toilet.


Staff have reported dark shadows crossing their path, the feeling of hands brushing over their hair and faces and the sounds of children crying or shouting have been heard by staff and visitors. The presence of a large and angry man has also been  sensed by visiting mediums.

*Over 18’s only


*Full use of ghost hunting equipment and light refreshments available throughout the night

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Oakwell Hall , Birtstall


Saturday 2nd February


5.30pm till 10.30pm


£40 per ticket


Join us at this rarely investigated location !!


Oakwell's most famous legend concerns the ghost of William Batt, owner of the house in 1684. He was a young man of 25, a bachelor whose widowed mother, Elizabeth, lived at Oakwell. The best account of the ghost story comes from the Victorian writer Mrs Gaskell in her "Life of Charlotte Bronte".


Her account is as follows:

"Captain Batt was believed to be far away; his family was at Oakwell; when in the dusk on a winter evening, he came stalking along the lane, through the hall and up the stairs, into his own room, where he vanished. He had been killed in a duel in London that very same afternoon of December 9th 1684."


The legend also states that he left a bloody footprint behind in a bedroom.



*Over 18’s only


*Full use of ghost hunting equipment and light refreshments available throughout the night


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Thorne Former Workhouse, Doncaster


Saturday 16th February


9pm till 2am


£29 per Ticket


** Limited to only 15 Guests **

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Join Spookseekers on a ghost hunt at Thorne Former Workhouse, Doncaster.


Thorne Union Workhouse was erected in 1838 on a site at the west of Thorne at a cost of £3,315 and was to house up to 200 inmates.


A casual block was erected to the east of the site and an infirmary to the west with a mortuary behind it. This is where they would keep the pigs.


By the late 1920’s the workhouse could house around 111 inmates however the average occupancy would been around 80 people.


By 1930 it could house up to 108 inmates including 29 males and 5 females in the casual wards. At this time it was deemed to be too small an establishment and was closed a few years later.


Until the 1960’s a small brick built mortuary with a massive stone slab stood at the back of the infirmary. Most of the dead who had laid on it were burned in unmarked graves. The bell that was tolled to bring the residents back in at night no longer peels.


Will we be able to contact the spirits of the people that are still in this place?


*Over 18’s only


*Full use of ghost hunting equipment and light refreshments available throughout the night

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The Golden Fleece , York


Saturday 16th March


9pm till 3am


£45 per Ticket


Join Spookseekers as we return the infamous Golden Fleece York.


York is an extremely haunted city and so it is no surprise that one of its oldest pubs, built in 1503, is haunted. There are thought to be fifteen spectres in residence at the hotel, but the most noted of which and the most talked about is Lady Alice Peckett, wife of John Peckett, who used to be the mayor of York and also the owner of the hotel. Many guests have reported seeing Alice wandering the corridors of the hotel, moving furniture around and walking up and down staircases in the small hours of the night.


The ghost of an Canadian airman who fell to his death from one of the upper windows of the hotel during World War II. After his untimely demise, he took up residence at the hotel as a non-paying guest.


Other ghosts include a man who is often seen wearing a 16-17th century red carrying a pistol, in the bottom bar of the pub. He’s joined by a grumpy old man, also seen in the bottom bar, and by a young boy from Victorian times who was trampled to death by horses who is regularly seen in the top bar.

*Over 18’s only


*Full use of ghost hunting equipment and light refreshments available throughout the night



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Thackray Medical Museum


Saturday 30th March


9pm till 2am


£49 per ticket


Housed in one of the most impressive Victorian buildings in Leeds, the Thackray Medical Museum is truly unique and is the only museum of its kind in the North of England.


There are said to be many ghosts that haunt this former mental hospital and workhouse and with such a terrifying history it is not surprising. The building itself is vast and has many investigation areas including a pitch black 'theatre' room and an authentic Victorian Street.


By day Thackray Medical Museum is a reincarnation of life in Victorian Leeds where visitors walk through a reproduction of slum streets complete with authentic sights, sounds and smells and are invited to follow the lives, ailments and treatments of eight Victorian characters, making the choices that determine their survival amongst the rats, fleas and bedbugs. Pain, Pus and Blood describes surgery before anaesthesia, and how pain relief progressed and having a Baby focuses on developments in safety for childbirth.


Dare you join Spookseekers for this eerie Investigation!


*Over 18’s only


*Full use of ghost hunting equipment and light refreshments available throughout the night