Ruthin Gaol, Denbighshire


Saturday 7th April 2018


9pm till 2am


£35 per ticket


There has been a prison on the Ruthin Gaol site since the seventeenth century. It is one of the most impressive

buildings in North Wales and the only purpopse-built Pentonville style prison open to the public.

There have been many additions to the gaol, between the years 1803 to 1866. The building served as the county

gaol until 1866 when the new four storey Pentonville style wing was added. In 1916 HM Prison, Ruthin was closed.


Many prisoners routinely spent a part of their sentence in solitary confinement in the "dark cell".This cell had no window or lighting and once inside, with the door tightly shut, it would have been almost impossible to tell if it was day or night.


William Kerr,probably the Gaol's most infamous Gaoler was renowned for treating the inmates so badly.

Serving in the Gaol from 1871 to 1892, he used to ban prisoners from food, excericse and beat them if he deemed that they had misbehaved.He used to taunt them, bangning on doors and whipping them at all times of the day, and jangle the cell keys outside the cells, infuriating inmates. His spirit still seems to linger, and he is commonly seen by staff and guests alike, and previous investigations have recorded the banging on cell doors, commonly associated with the infamous William Kerr. He left the Gaol age 57 one day, and vanished. Noone knows what happened to him.

The Gaoler feared by many just seemed to 'vanish'.


There is lots of paranormal activity at the Gaol so dare you spend the night with Spookseekers !!

Knottingley Town Hall


Saturday 14th April


9pm till 2am


£25 per Ticket


Join Spookseekers as we explore Knottingley Town Hall. With cellars that date back to a monastery this location is now acquiring somewhat of a reputation as being a very haunted building in West Yorkshire to visit.


A young boy believed to have fallen down the rear staircase to his death many years ago.Two ladies casually walking around the building dressed in wartime clothes, also a previous employee and a man in a flat cap are all regular ghostly sightings at Knottingley Town Hall. Orbs, strange noises such as tapping, as well as voices are regular paranormal phenomena encountered here.

*Over 18’s only


*Full use of ghost hunting equipment and light refreshments available throughout the night

*Over 18’s only


*Full use of ghost hunting equipment and light refreshments available throughout the night


Leeds City Museum


Saturday 15th September


9pm - 2am


£29 per ticket


Join Spookseekers for a night of pure ghost hunting at this amazing location in the heart of Leeds with 4 floors of Terror.


This magnificent building is steeped in history and there are many  spooky tales to be told. Staff and visitors to the building have reported hearing footsteps when the building is empty with doors opening and closing. A figure has been seen on the balcony and strange light anomalies have been observed by the naked eye.


During our last Investigation many guests had strange experiences with feelings of been touched and fear as something tried to push them over !!

*Over 18’s only


*Full use of ghost hunting equipment and light refreshments available throughout the night

Abbey House Museum and Kirkstall Abbey


Saturday 13th October


9pm till 2am


£40 per ticket


Join us as we investigate on the reconstructed Victorian street with its pub and shops. Spend time on the abbots staircase and get comfy in the Victorian Parlour.


Abbey House was once the gateway to Kirkstall Abbey, it became detached from it when turnpike road was built in 1827. It was built in 1152-1182. The last abbot John Ripley took it as his home until his death in 1568. From 1584, it was owned by the Savile family and used as a farmhouse. In 1779 the Butler family leased it from the Earls of Cardigan. Alterations were made in 1841. It became the home of George Beecroft of Kirkstall Forge and then the Butler family. In 1893 it was bought by Colonel Thomas Harding who lived there until 1912. In 1925 it was bought by Leeds City Council.


There has been many strange sightings and hauntings reported including that of the former Abbot of the abbey who walks the area that has been converted into a museum, it is usual to hear the spirit moving around.

*Over 18’s only


*Full use of ghost hunting equipment and light refreshments available throughout the night

The Galleries Of Justice , Nottingham


Saturday 1st September


9pm till 3am


£45 per ticket


The Galleries of Justice is a courthouse and jail that has served Nottingham for over 400 years. It has a long history of powerful emotions – anger, despair, betrayal, and, of course, executions. It is not surprising that this rich atmosphere should have left its mark, so that the buildings today are abound with reported ghostly encounters.


A whole ghost hunt could be held in the reception with its three ghosts, a soldier, a Victorian gentleman and an old lady, but Spookseekers have the whole building!


Take part in the Galleries of Justice Ghost Hunt that will take you to the Hanging Corridor – where ghostly Civil War soldiers were witnessed walking through a wall, the Criminal Court with its shadowy figures and the Pits, a location so spooky that even the staff won’t enter! You will also have access to the notorious underground chapel and caves.

So Dare you join us at this historic location !

*Over 18’s only


*Full use of ghost hunting equipment and light refreshments available throughout the night

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