Had a great time at Catherine's Mill last night , loved our little group we had 2 leaders who where brilliant and would definitely do it again , I would like to give Danny a special thank you who had contact with a very special man who I miss and love so much. -  Claire Ash

Love it.  Julie is great ! Great Team! Organisation well done, can't wait for next one! Roll on October - Shelagh Mcgrath

When i turned up i didn't know what to expect and was open to anything, but got everything instead ! We was put into small groups with two team leaders and had one hourly sessions in designated areas throughout the night. To start with we had a laugh (i think to settle the nerves) and then we all started to be involved by trying to communicate with the unknown and with that done i felt cold at times and a little fear kicks in and even hairs on the back of your neck moments, but felt safe and knew no harm would come to me. I did not see anything from my eyes (i had them closed at times) but quite alot of noises were heard and what sounded like a toilet handdryer kept coming on but these were disconnected so found that one strange. My daughter and niece were chosen seperately to sit upstairs in a corridor in the dark on their own with a camera on them while we watched downstairs, we could not hear them, only see them and a walkie talkie was our only contact and we could see orbs floating around them but they coulden't. We also had a go on the planchette (which was the best bit for me) which is a piece of wood with wheels on and a pencil stood upright in it and paper underneath to communicate with us and got some activity as it was moving around in circles and back and forth on answering our questions and these answers pointed towards my own grandad being there which was so comforting. I know my review is long but alot of people say "i would love to go but ime scared" well take it from me that there is nothing to be scared of and to have a go as its a fantastic night with everthing in it, but most of all you are well looked after at all times ! Thank you guys for a fab night and hope to join you again on another event. - Diane Brook

Omg what a night!!!! Was so good and exciting at the same time!!! I was so scared at first but when I got into it I loved the adrenaline rush of what was gunna happen next..... Our red group was fab!!! A massive thank you to my mate Amy and her fab Mum Julie u did a brill job and I enjoyed every minute of it!! Was so amazing for family members to come through too!! Anyone reading this please go and experience this as its brill and would deffo recommend it to anyone thank you so much xxx - Linzi  Walker

Absolutely fantastic night at Armley Mills.Fantastic team, very supportive and knowledgable.First time but won' t be my last, wish I could attend every event! Thankyou so much for a fab evening. - Beth Kitchen

It was my first time on a ghost hunt all the spookseekers team was amazing very friendly and very welcoming to everyone il defo be going on another ghost hunt with the lovely team I'm not used to too many people but it's boosted my confidence well done spookseekers love u all and il be seeing u all at another event. - Michelle Halliday

Absolutely fantastic night at doncaster air museum fantastic team just amazing can't wait until next one :) xx - Tamisha Hall

Had a great night at Abbey House last night, thank you for making us feel welcome, all the team were very friendly and happy to show us all the different equipment we could use and helped us make the night our own, can't wait till Christmas is over so I can book another night x - Kelly Fields